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10:37pm 10/05/2004
mood: discontent
This journal pisses me off what is it useful for anyways? It's like drama online..........or entertainment for bordom! I don't even think that anyone reads anything I write anyways, I kinda wanna smoke a bowl or somthing........I this town i just want to get out of here soon...hopefully, yeah J.p. is coming back to visit soon I miss him I can't wait asshole night, sarina*
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Whjat happened there?   
08:49pm 29/04/2004
  God what the fuck was I thinking with J.P...........Anyways He's still my friend though, Well not much Im bored as usual william is in town for a while I don't even know about him anymore, But there is this really hot freshman in one of my classes who's next................that sounded really slutty this is dumb later, sarina*  
fuck this   
04:54pm 11/04/2004
  I sundays............J.P. is gone he left today back to penelton to live with his mom, I miss him so much but I guess it will be a better environment for him to live in rather than with his dad, I cried it sucks I like him alot and I don't know how to deal. I have no one to talk to, not brynn or anyone, life sucks and I want to get outta here so bad, I don't want to talk right now later,sarina  
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11:45pm 25/03/2004
mood: shocked
Now I be talking to shellie on the phone........I love the women, anyways spring break is coming up.....hell ya I went to metallica this weekend with J.P.,brynn, and tyler, it was badass we rented a hotel and went shopping and got away from this hell hole for a while, now im back yay.........whatever I talked to J.J for an hour tonight well later im bored and fuck you???????????love always,sarina*
11:08pm 01/03/2004
mood: tired
Im talking to tyler on the phone.........he's such a little bitch. alright whatever j.p. is fucking hott I want him some more and j.j. is a little pissed at am I love him later*sarina
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11:35pm 17/02/2004
mood: content
Im talking to joey on the phone right now...he's talking about and three-somes........pretty cool huh.......whatever, anyways not much J.J. is a little pissed off at me for being a stupid bitch........I kissed kane I was pretty wasted he was pretty pissed, we're ok now he came over and hugged me then we *kissed* I sound like such a kid! shellie is spending the night she got in a fight with her parents so she's spending the night....apperently. we took some pain pills today they make me feel great I kinda ripped and I get the munchies we went to atkinson's today and bought three egg rolls each yummmmm.......why do they call them egg rolls?
I miss william too well I better get to bed I sharing my bed with people (besides J.J.) love em, Im going to go finish watching cruel intentions or reading helter skelter later all love ya. *sarina
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10:22pm 04/02/2004
mood: angry
blah whatever happens?
I don't write much nothing to say anyways later
fuck you I the cold.............bye

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10:13pm 04/02/2004
  blah whatever happens?
I don't write much nothing to say anyways later
fuck you I the cold.............bye
05:06pm 29/12/2003
mood: blank
not much not really busy either just don't feel like writting....anyways I am passing the time while I charge my car battery before the piece a shit die............I love my car, well yeah teal is back and we are gonna party tonight drink some beers well yeah maybe i'll write later*sarina
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wwwwwhat5 great day?   
08:40pm 25/12/2003
mood: happy
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!, how exciting, today was a great day, I woke up at 8:00 this morning with my mom and my brother and opened our presents, it was great fun then we just hung around the house and mmmmmmmm...pumpkin pie and food. Anyways I took a nap today that felt good then I woke up took a shower and J.J and Joey showed up, it was so sweet J.J came up to me and have me the biggest hug then he gave me a teddy bear and said merry christmas....ohohoho, well yeah cameron is in town and we hung out but he wasn't feeling good to he went home, he was pretty ripped. I am going snowboarding tonight with Joey and J.J at rodder run fun i love night snowboarding, we all had to go home and eat first though, love you all*sarina
10:30pm 24/12/2003
mood: confused
Don't get me wrong...please...thank you, Im not into the whole thing..what, anyways last night I was fucking wasted, so shit faced it sucked but it was fun, I was with J.J,Joey,stacy,brandi,cory,jeremy,daniel,chuck,ben..who knows who else and we just partied hard...good times. I still like J.J...alot but I am such a pussy and I don't know how to tell him, it's a tough situation, I'll figure this all out sometime...hopefully. Merry Christmas, I love this time of the year, although it came really fast, it's all good. Stacy went home today,I miss her so much.....mmmmmmmI would like some bacon,sounds good Joey took us to perrys this morning and I had some bacon their it was good, then we were going to go snowboarding...but we didn't, I just came home, then J.J called..he was pissed because I told him I would meet up with him at the mountain...and I never did, they ended up waiting for about an hour then coming home...oh well,what to do I need to get my head straight...that would be nice, I gotta go do something with myself later all
love always,
Fucking Crazy   
03:58pm 22/12/2003
mood: awake
Fuck I feel as if I have no idea what is going on around me right now....crazy thoughts, Stu is here now I feel so complete, life is just so empty without her. She came over this morning and we were just chillin driving around in the tuna can...awesome,she brought some silver bullet pills and we each took about 8 of them, I fell like I am tweekin right now they are amazing...just like old times.Anyways I can't really sit still right now and I am kind of freaking myself out...or not, well tonight will be some fucking memories,their is a bunch a shit going on so we will see what's up I have to move around or do something with myself...I gotta get outta here...love you all*sarina
12:40pm 21/12/2003
  what's up people,not much it's already sunday and not much has happened over the weekend,friday I decided to stay home cause I had to work all day saterday I got off work around 6:00 then went and hung out with J.J,Joey and evan,they picked me up at my house then we went to cody's house, everyone boxed it was pretty badass, I met pat agian he was a cool kid,he's pretty cute too, anyways I was pretty drunk off J,J and Joeys yager it was alright Im bored maybe I'll go snowboarding like half day or somethin teal call me love*sarina  
01:27pm 19/12/2003
mood: chipper
Hey ya'll im out of school finally,I need a break. Well I better have some fun tonight and if not their is always the next 2 weeks. Yey im bored it's only about 1:00 right now and their is not much to do. I figure tonight I don't really want to go to ryan's house...it will most likely get busted, so I think it will,I will just find somethin else..maybe and oh yeah I talked to ty yesterday for the first time in about 2 weeks he's alright,he want's to hang out today, but I want to hang out with J.J instead and I don't think they are really getting along that great...lets just have fun right,teal will probably be disappointed about it all..what gotta go loves*sarina
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10:55pm 18/12/2003
mood: hungry
well if you must know stacy lives in........Cascade a shitty little town about 4 hours away from this shitty town. Yep I already slept for about two hours now I am awake and cannot sleep,anyways I didn't do much today as usual I went to work then came home looked through rollingstone and watched a simple life that show is hilarious. I computers...when they're not useful...whatever Im bored I should take a shower and go to bed talk to you tomorrow...maybe love*sarina
10:09pm 17/12/2003
mood: high
what's up ya'll,not much I realize on weekdays I don't do shit but come home and chill...that's cool,I watched to O.C tonight I fucking love that show,well it's almost break thank good for that...Stacy called me tonight I miss her so much she will be coming down here on sunday for a week or so...and we are going to party and just have some fun everyone needs a little fun seeing as how this seems to be..well kind of a shitty time of the year,I love my brother he is fucking hilarious,he want some to go smoke a bowl with him so I think I will later everyone have a fucking boring night shitheads...so angry..be happy love always*sarina
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Peace OOOut????????   
10:51pm 16/12/2003
mood: blah
I fucking myself up, yep well anyways not much I guess I didn't really do anything this weekend on friday night teal came over to my house and we hung out here for a while then a little later J.J and Joey showed up and they were bugging the shit out of us so we ditched them and decided to have a girls night and went out for pizza then went to her house it was pretty badass. Then on saturday J.J and joey called me and wanted to hang out so we ended up hanging out with J.J,Joey,Paul,Brandon,Brandi and shelly and going to some lame party for a while with stupid fucks, I told them it was going to get busted and.....it did so whateva, J.J ended up staying at the party though..fucker. yeah well then we went to some other house with about 15 or so people just chillin and that was pretty lame to, I wasn't really "in" with their crowd so whateva...Yeah the night ended with teal and I getting in a fight cause shelly was "sick" and booting everywhere..fucking light weight, so I ended up going home around 2:00am or so and taking a shower and guess who ends up calling me while I am showering?...J.J he was home and we talked for an hour, We talked about alot but we were bothe pretty shitfaced so who knows, he was pissed though because I didn't stay at the party with him and the "cool kids".God long story.......and then on sunday J.J and I went to a movie together we saw Gothika for my second time it was better the first. Anyways that was the weekend of sarina pretty damn interesting God dammit I having no money for christmas shopping it SUCKS, well not much to say their is a party at ryan's house on friday it will be pretty badass, can't wait, oh yeah thanks joey for the ring from the 25 cent machine,it's beautiful babe love ya'll, im going to have myself some cocopuffs night*sars
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********Go the fucK AWAY*******   
12:28pm 12/12/2003
mood: nauseated
I am sick of this stupid live journal crap I mean who fucking reads this shit anyways, although I have been writing so much lately I usually only write when I am in california cause I am so god damn bored. I guess I am just bored lately(like that's hard to see)I just don't really feel like myself, all I ever seem to want to do is lay in my bed and watch "sex and the city" or something around my house in my p.j's. Tomorrow is my mommy's birthday and I feel like a piece of shit for not getting her anything yet, I will though and it's going to be fucking great. I talked to my brother tonight and he is going through a pretty hard time right now, In a way I feel responsible for being the older one, he is doing the same things that I was and I know(of course)he learned it from me. God could I feel anymore sorry for myself, I think I am going to try and get to bed now but for the mean time fuck this fucking journal and all of you reading my thoughts FUCK YOUUUUUUUUU!@ night*sarina
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02:26am 10/12/2003
mood: moody
I feel like shit and I just fucking started my menstrel cycle for this month. Hey at the least, I am actually having my period, for those of you who know what I am talking about right? Use CONDOMS I mean come on how stupid some people are these days, We live in a world with a bunch of morons, anyways I talked to stu last night she called from the gas station crying, she has been going through an especially hard time since her bestfriend decided she wanted to kill her parents,crazy.....yeah I really do miss her though and she will always be like my sister no matter what, only if someone understood fuck I don't even understand. It snowed last night I hate winter but if it's going to be cold there might as well be snow on the ground I can't wait to go snowboarding yeah bye Fucknuts*sarina
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I want J.J   
06:38pm 08/12/2003
mood: bitchy
I just called J.J, finally but now I am talking to teal on the phone, yeah well I didn't really do much today school sucked and I have been pmsy lately I just want some chocolate yummm. I can't wait until this weekend I just want get out and live, life can be so boring, but only if you make it out to be.anyways I don't really have much to say so later*sarina
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